5 Proven Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your House

Give Termicides 5 Proven Tips a Try!

Let’s be honest, it’s near on impossible to completely rid your home of pests. Reality is, some pests will find a way into your house. The following tips are all about making it as hard as possible for them to enter your home, so please see what we have to offer and feel free to contact us for an obligation free quote!

Mulch can make shelter for unwanted pests!

Termicide Tip 1 – Mulch and Plants. Mulch, such as wood chips and pine straw, provide ideal shelter for pests. Instead of using these in areas that touch your foundation, place less pest-attractive ground cover, such as rock or stone. Trim back any tree branches or shrubbery that touch your home to eliminate pest “bridges” to the house.

Pests have easy access through broken windows.

Pests have easy access through broken windows.

Termicide Tip 2 –  Windows and Doors. Because pests can wiggle through tiny cracks and gaps, inspect and repair any warped or broken windows and doors, and those that simply don’t fit well; repair rips or tears in screens. Use screen mesh size of at least 200 holes per square inch; these are generally available at home improvement stores such as Bunnings, Masters, Mitre 10 etc.

You would be surprised what some pests can get through!

You would be surprised what some pests can get through to enter your home!

Termicide Tip 3 – Gaps and Cracks. Inspect the entire exterior of your home for other cracks, crevices and gaps through which pests could enter. Check for foundation cracks, loose siding, missing roof tiles, and gaps around incoming utility lines, including pipes, electric and cable wiring. Seal any openings with copper mesh, coarse steel wool, sheet metal or mortar.

Rubbish free zone is a great start!

Rubbish free zone is a great start!

Termicide Tip 4 – Rubbish free zone. Keep yards, patios, decks, and garages free of litter, weeds, and standing water. Ensure garbage cans have tight-fitting lids, and clean the cans and area regularly to remove debris and spills, on which pests can feed.

Review your lights to ensure you use the less attractive variety.

Did you know that by changing the location and type of lights you can reduce your chance of pests?

Termicide Tip 5 – Review your Lights. To reduce flying insects around doors and windows, replace standard mercury vapor lights with high pressure sodium vapor or halogen lights. Bulbs that have pink, yellow or orange tints will be least attractive to the flying insects. Although it is common to place lights on exterior walls near doors, it is better to place the light farther away, using pole lights when possible, with the light shining toward the door for safety.