Your home is most at risk of attracting a termite swarm and forthcoming termite damage

High risk Termite season is upon us

The months between November and February, where we experience the warmer weather is when your home is most at risk of attracting a termite swarm and forthcoming termite damage.

While termites are active all year round, the summer months encourages the flying termites to find a new home (hopefully not yours), find a mate and begin building a termite nest.

What you may not know is that thousands of eggs can be produced each day, once these termites mature the majority go searching for food for the newly established colony – this food could potentially be your home.

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Management of an impending termite attack

· Maintain a cool and dry home, ensuring all exposed timbers are treated and not left on the ground in your backyard, i.e. clean up any leftover materials from your recent home renovation.
· If, in the process of cleaning up timber you come across a termite nest DO NOT DISTURB THEM, they will spread – call a termite inspector immediately.
· Swarms of flying termites to and from your property – call a termite inspector immediately.
· If you have found Termites, wings or termite bodies within your home or in nearby grounds (within a couple of hundred metres) – call a termite inspector immediately.
· Did you know that a single termite nest can have as many as four swarms per Summer? Stay on the lookout!
· Swarms are attracted to light, so in the event of a swarm turn off your home lights in the hope they will go somewhere else.
· Swarms occur in the evening, around six o’clock is the prime time, whereas flying ants (which won’t destroy your home) generally swarm during the day, are smaller than flying termites and are black in colour instead of brown.

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