Has the Autumn weather delivered unwanted Mud Wasps and Ants?

Follow our three steps to cure the influx of Mud Wasps and Ants.

The Summer that seemed to last a little longer this year is now behind us as we move into the more usual Autumn season.

In Autumn you may encounter mud wasps after rain and ants will be busy organizing nests on higher ground.


If your home is being affected, we suggest taking the following three steps –

  1. Click HERE to visit the Australian Bureau of Meteorology for all your inclement weather updates (remembering that these pests come out after rain).
  2. Click HERE to visit Termicides Pest Guide.
  3. Click HERE to get a quote from us here at Termicide or call us on 07 5563 3003 so one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff can assist you.