When termites swarm, they leave their colony in search of a new home, the unfortunate news is that new home could be yours.

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When is termite season? Subterranean termites “swarm” as the weather begins to warm, usually at the beginning of spring after a rain event. They are a group of termites looking to begin their own, new colony. Not all termite species swarm at the same time, but for a swarm to occur, the weather must be warm, often following a rain.

Another factor that triggers swarming – the maturity of a colony. There is no specific age at which a termite colony swarms, but subterranean termite colonies typically do not produce a swarm until they are at least three years old.

The purpose of termite swarming season is to begin new colonies. As a colony matures, it begins to produce alate nymphs that will develop into swarmers with wings. Swarmers fly from the colony then pair up with a mate as they search for a suitable location to start a new colony. After their wings drop off, a pair will mate.

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