Termites remain active during winter

Termite activity is generally more noticeable during the warmer months, leading many of us to believe that this is the only time they need to really worry about an infestation. While seasons and temperatures do tend to affect the habits of these wood-eating pests, the truth is that termites stay active all year long regardless of the weather outside, and they will still target your property if given the opportunity. This is because a termite colony’s ultimate goal is to gain access to food, shelter, moisture and a comfortable climate, which your home provides year-round.

In heated buildings such as your home and the soil adjacent to heated basements, tunneling and general activity may be little changed. During most of the year, queens lay eggs at a steady rate. The number of eggs produced by the queen varies depending on the species, and the age of the queen.

Termicide Team

However, winter brings some changes in the daily routine of subterranean termite colonies. In cooler climates, subterranean termites typically move deeper into the ground during the cold season to access the warmth they need to survive. Foraging tunnels may be somewhat deeper for those species that travel near the soil surface, and food sources that are exposed to cold temperatures may be abandoned. While subterranean workers will forage closer to their nests during the winter, they will remain active (although likely not quite as active as during warmer months).

The further north you live usually means warmer winter temperatures and egg production is continuous throughout the year, although there are seasonal fluctuations. For termites living in temperate regions, which have low winter temperatures, predominately in the southern states, egg production is often suspended during the cold months.


The extent of damages caused by termites in the winter months depends entirely on the type of termite, size of colony and proximity to wood, so it’ important to be on the look out for any activity and contact Termicide today for your termite inspection.